It is a handmade product that was embodied manually through hammer, steel nail, stroke way. We can call this PAINTERSHIP. This art was being done for a long time ago. Many people from many religions have been lived during ages; there was golden or silver plates which were written in that ages prepared to greats, commanders, viziers, kings, army against to keep them, not to be slaved or wound at the war, to get victory (Those tags were prepared in different ways and worn including writing and figures for infinite power, supernatural powers, magic powers).

The person who wears this charm (as protective-splasher) keeps himself aganist to following: God will make blind the eyes of cruel that will look at badly; he is hided from bad intend people; his sayings are listened to as valid by everybody; he is liked and appreciated; he is looked as “serious and majestic” at viewing of people; if this man goes and sits a place there will be “ goodness and plenty fullness” there, every kind of disease and evil is far from there; if epilepsy patient wear this, he escapes from this illness; if it is put in to water and waited there then if this water is drunk by the patient who has fever illness; he is cured; if a charmed, hurtled, magic person wears this, he will escape from his disease; the person who wears this always, gets keep and safe himself against to “every kind of attack and slender, thieves, evil people and evil works, ‘snake and scorpion sticking, wild animals’ attacking; he keeps himself against to every kind of diseases; who believe this, he enforces his ego; know that there are very secrets as keeping his children and spouse, leading to goodness in it. It includes wonderful secrets as causing to come to customers to the shop, to supply good and clean earning. It includes secrets that only God knows (as CURING SCHIZOPHRENIA, EPILEPSY, MENTAL DISEASES, DEPRESSION, PHOBIA AND APPREHENSION, COVERING TO BE KEPT AGAINST TO EVIL SPIRIT, DEVIL). If a person who has abovementioned cases, escapes from his above-mentioned troubles when he wears it. If you want to keep your place against to thieves, enemies you should hang it at any corner of wherever you want then no any thieves, enemy, scorpion, or snake can enter there. It keeps himself against to possible dangers. He becomes a person whose wishes get accurate. His all wishes, desires get become realize. He becomes respected and liked by everybody. It is a jewel that it keeps the people against to every kind of disaster; it provides easiness te reach his expectations, he becomes liked one among people. It cures lung, kidney, and spleen, inter diseases. We mentioned about its first affects as evil eye, jinnee, and charm. There is evil eye on people on those people; according to current affects of jinnee stroke, charm, epilepsy; the following are occured and felt in first ten minutes sometimes in fifteen minutes or one - two minutes;