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What we say for this tag is less, it is unique in the world; it can not be described, spiritual secrets, spiritual passwords, unbelievable, science becomes insufficient fort his tag. This tag has been given only one person in the world, it includes passwords of Qur’an, secret universe, it cures the following;
* Depression
* Feeling alone and weak
* Morale against to physical loading, depts., sorry, matters...
* Nervous, anger, stress, Agressivity,
* Against to night mare, incubus...
* Continuously headache
* Mental untidiness, complex thoughts
* Laziness (the person doesn’t want to do anything)
* To see some blackness while sleeping etc.


1. Is there night mares?
2. Do you feel bored, sorry during night?
3. Do you press and grind your teeth?
4. Do you smile, cry, screech in sleeping?
5. Do you get up while scaring, yelling?
6. Do you feel as getting fall from a high place?
7. Do you see yourself in terrible ways in the dream?
8. Do you see strange people in dream?
9. Do you see, black too long... to short people?
10. Do you hear whistle, etc in dream?
11. Do you feel exhausted, tired while getting up in the morning?


1. Is there any contraction and getting nervous?
2. Is there any sudden laughing and crying?
3. Do you feel always dirty yourself?
4. Do you feel bored some people without any reason?
5. Do you use medicine and not benefit from them?
6. Do you want to be alone sometimes or always?
7. Do you have a modified spirit?
8. Are you in fair and anxiety?

Chronic Depression, Pranoia, Panic attack, Tics, Insomnia, Disorientation, Schizophrenia, Aggressiveness, Hypochondrism...
In Parallel with
Continuous tiredness, exhaustion, loss of appetite or overeating, low perception, sleep disorder, intensive pessimism, anomie, suffering from intense pain, focusing disorder, instability...
Panic Attack symptoms...

Flutter, feeling like the heart will spring from its place, pain - numbing
Persperation (Hot-Cold Discharges, sometimes cold-sometimes hot reeling
Shaking, convulsion feel
Feeling like asphyxia, obstruction feel, gulping
Respiration cut, like feeling that the air is not enough in ventilation
Heaviness-Copstriction-Zonesthesia, hoove
Sometimes, disturbance starting from the stomach and expanding to the throat
Vertigo, like falling or fainting
Bluring of figures-objects, like behind the fogs
Self destruction, environmental damaging psychology / intervally
Numbing in various areas such as hands, arms and legs; paresthesias. Cold-Chill-glowing
Vomiting-abdominal pain-chest pain,
uncomfortable feeling at chest

The person retires from social-economical-actual life because of his/her psychological situation. Escape behaviour from meeting new and foreign people is seen, continuous self-listening, and always feeling sick situations exist. Thyroid function disorders, intestinal disorders, asthma, bronchitis, frequent migrane problems, epileptic attack.
Being under pressure continuously, being precluded or self-repressing
Escape tendency from everything, environment
Behaving as a 'giver' continuously, can't say 'no'
Can't reflecting anger out
Repressing impulses- repressing sexuality
Over desirous, feeding with continuous success, self-blaming psychology
in failures...
Fear psychology, always requesting somebody near, can't be alone, can't go out, can't go crowded-closed places, can't use public transportation vehicles... Can't go out for vacation

We can add that feeling of the person sorry, lonely or not feeling a motivation to do something to fear and anxieties. The person can feel tired, sorry, angry, exhausted and unmotivated frequently.
Also, anxiety, unhappiness, not enjoying from anything, loss of appetite overeating, quick fatigue or weight loss, having sleeping disorders, getting tired of life ana desire of death (thinking about the suicide)..